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Party Packages

Candy Apples

Hard Candy Apples: minis $35, large $45 per dozen
1 color per dozen (No Mixing)
Add $5 for marble or Metallic colors
1 color per dozen, 1 dozen minimum to order
Sugar/Sprinkle candy apples $55 per dozen
Gourmet Chocolate or Carmel Apples $6 
Gourmet Chocolate Carmel candy apples $7 
Bling stick/ Decorative straws $1.25 each
Bows  $2.00 each
Minimum of $50 to place an order


Standard cupcakes (frosting and sprinkles) -$30
Decorated cupcakes (bows, pearls) -$45
Designer cupcakes (3D toppers, hand painted, metallic gold/silver, pictures) -$55
2 dozen minimum, per flavor
Cookies and Creme
Sweet Potato
Key Lime
Banana Pudding
Birthday Cake
Chocolate Oreo
Red Velvet
Cookie Dough
Chocolate Sundae
​ Pineapple 

Cake Pops

 Basic cake pops (swirls and sprinkles)$30 per dozen
 Sugar cake pops (sanding sugar) $38 per dozen.
    Custom design cake pops $45 and up per dozen
          1 dozen minimum to order
  Available in chocolate, vanilla, cookies & cream,   Key lime, cookie dough, banana,
strawberry, chocolate chip and confetti
 Decorative straws & bling sticks  $1.25 each
Bows  $2.00 each
Minimum of $50 to place an order

Custom Cakes

Signature Buttercream Cakes prices start at $55
Giant Cupcake Cake prices start at $65
Drip Cake prices start at $85
Custom fondant Cakes prices start at $100
7 inch cake starts at $100 (feeds 15-20)
8 inch cake starts at $125 (feeds 20-25)
6 & 8-inch 2 tier cake starts at $175 (feeds 30)
4, 7 & 9-inch 3 tier cake starts at $250 (feeds 50)
6,8 & 10-inch 3-tier cake start at $ 300 (feed 60)

Specialty Desserts & Cakes

Sweet Potato Pies $15
Peach Cobbler $25(Small)  $45 (large)
Pregnant Belly cake $165
Designer purse $200 and up
Cupcake pull apart cake $65
Wedding Cakes start at $300 (minimum)
Please contact us for a custom quote
Vanilla & Chocolate are included in the standard prices. Other flavors are an
additional charge.
Cakes are priced per design, flavor  and size.

Sweet Treats

Mini Oreos & Mini Gem Oreos $18 & up per dozen
Large Oreos & large gem Oreos $25 & up per dozen
Custom Design Oreos $40 & up per dozen
Marshmallow Pops $30 & up per dozen
Pretzel Rods $28 & up per dozen
Caramel Pretzel Rods $35 & up per dozen
Chocolate Rice Krispy Treats $30 & up per dozen
Chocolate Stawberries basic $30/decorated $45
3 oz cake shooters $40 per dozen
​Candy Popcorn $36 per dozen
Cake in a jar $6 each - minimum of 6 to order
Minimum of $50 to place an order

Cake Flavors

Chocolate Chip
Key Lime
Banana Pudding
Chocolate Oreo
Caramel Dream
Red Velvet
Vanilla Oreo
Strawberry Shortcake
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Sundae

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